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When it comes to Mandarin, do you encounter any of these situations 在孩子学习汉语的过程中,您们是否遇到过这些问题:

  1. Are you sending your children to Chinese school in Standard 1 but worried because you and your family don’t speak the language? 想要把孩子送去华校,可是苦于家里没有中文环境?
  2. Have you already enrolled your pre-schooler to a Mandarin school but they are still struggling with the language? 已在华语幼儿园读书,可是语言学习效果不佳。
  3. Have you been using a private tutor but with not much success, your child still struggles to speak complete sentences, let alone read a Mandarin book? 或者是找过中文一对一家教,但孩子依然说不出一句完整的汉语,更不用说读?
  4. Or would you like your child to be fluent in Mandarin but prefer not to send them to a Chinese medium school? 您想要孩子学好中文,但又不愿意进入华校。

At Mandarin PIE we offer a revolutionary method to teach Mandarin in an effective and enjoyable way. Here children do not learn Mandarin so that they can pass exams. They learn it so they can converse with their friends, read interesting stories and express themselves through writing. They learn because it is something they enjoy. In the end, the results are that they become confident in speaking and can read and write Chinese characters with ease. 汉语派将是您绝佳的选择,这里有创新的教学理念,寓教于乐。这里的学生学习汉语是以交流为目的,而不是为了考试。我们提倡玩耍中学习,一段时间以后孩子们能自然而然地说一口流利的汉语,连读写也变得轻松了。

The most important ingredient to success in learning Mandarin, or just about anything we believe, is interest. At Mandarin PIE, we cultivate the “will” and also provide the “way”. We teach Mandarin to 1-12 year olds in an effective and enjoyable way, rewarding mastery and retention rather than learning speed.


We encourage enquiry and allow our children to learn at their own pace. Whatever your learning goals for your child, be it casual or fluent written and spoken Mandarin, we are here to ensure that your goals are met in an effective and enjoyable way. Please choose from our programs below:


PIE programs. Our PIE programs follow the Youth Chinese Test Syllabus by the Confucius Institute of China. It is the official standard Mandarin proficiency test developed by China specifically for children below 16 years of age. It is taught to an intermediate level only.

Cutie PIE – learning through Play, Interest, Excitement for ages 4-6 | 4-6岁儿童通过趣味活动、兴趣激发、动力激励让孩子迷上汉语

Pop PIE – learning through Project work, Inquiry, Engagement for ages 7-12 | 7-12岁儿童通过课题项目、问题探索、参与交流让孩子喜欢上汉语

Chinese Primary Program – teaching materials and syllabus follows the primary school system in China, intake for Standard One starts from 6 years old. We have two intakes per year, please contact us for more information.

When students in our Cutie PIE program reach 6 or 7 years old they can choose either to continue with the PIE program (YCT syllabus) until an intermediate level, or join our Chinese Primary Program which continues up to an advanced level.

Why Choose Mandarin PIE?

Find out what else parents have to say in our testimonials page.


先生がとてもフレンドリーで娘も楽しく通っています。ローカルの友達とも中国語で遊べるようになり、ペナンでの生活をより楽しめるようになりました。今インターにかよっているのですが、どうも英語よりも中国語に方が得意なようです。いつも楽しい授業をしていただける先生方のおかげです。ありがとうございます。これからもよろしくお願いします。謝謝  真緒’s 母


My husband and I are both Chinese illiterate! We can speak basic Mandarin and write our own names in Chinese, and that’s about it! We aspire our son Johnathan to be able to converse, read and write in Chinese. Not necessarily like a native speaker but he should fare better than his parents. We do not wholly agree with the country’s Chinese vernacular schools so we do not have the plan to enrol him into any, but we still want him to be able to learn Chinese. There are very very few learning centers that provide Chinese lesson in fun and interactive ways suitable for children his age, majority are “standardized” and uniformed in the teachings. We do not want Johnathan to be turned off at this young age from learning Chinese. The moment we heard of Busy Bees (now Mandarin Pie), we though let’s give it a try. The concept of teaching just by word of mouth from someone we know sounds like something we are looking for: Fun & Interactive.

He’s only 1-month into his learning; we are currently on twice a week lesson, so he took 8 classes and he already knows 14 words by the 6th class! He was weak in his Chinese strokes writing in his nursery at his 1st month in his class. The teacher now shared his writing of basic Chinese strokes improved so much and he could recognize many strokes as compared to his first 2 months in (nursery) class. We are very pleased with his progress and we are thankful to the teachers for their patience and sincerity in teaching the children. Looking forward to the new and definitely an even better Mandarin Pie ahead!

Johnathan’s mum