Student assessments

Dear Parents 亲爱的家长们

During the week of April 10 we will be conducting assessments of our children’s progress. Only students who have been attending class regularly for the past 3 months will be assessed. Our teachers will be revising their lessons with them.

我们将会在四月十日至十五日举行学生评估测试,只有在Busy Bees学习已超过三个月的学生才会参与。老师们将会为学生复习。

Our open day and special achievement awards will be on Saturday, April 22 from 11am-1pm. There will be a small performance and exhibition of our students’ work as well as presentation of achievement awards. More on this to come soon.
This Saturday April 1 we will have a media team present during class to take pictures and videos of our class. Please inform us if you do not consent to have pictures and videos of your child taken for our marketing purposes.
Thank you

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