Mandarin PIE goes online!

Let’s face it, Covid-19 forced us into this. And after I’ve tried it I realized that online teaching can actually be pretty effective!

Many people have always told me that I should take Mandarin PIE online, after all, isn’t e-learning the latest craze lately? However I always said no, firmly believing that the quality of teaching will always be inferior to real life teaching.

After having tried out some of Mandarin PIE’s online classes the other day though I was pretty shocked. My 3 year old, who can’t usually sit still, was learning attentively at his screen for the whole 20 minutes of his class. He certainly did not want to be disturbed as he was repeating Mandarin words I never heard him mention before.

The attendance of our primary age students to our virtual class was almost 80%, all excited to see each other and learn together again! I expected mayhem in the classroom but with an experienced teacher around and a small class size it was effective – accept when the line drops on you – and hence this is why we will be using Zoom for those group classes with more than two people to ensure a smooth session.

Of course, its still early days and the evidence is anecdotal. However I am hopeful that we can make this work. Each teacher having known their students well and how best to teach them, has come up with different teaching techniques for each program.

per month 2

The Cutie PIE online session will have interactive videos as well as live, one-on-one teaching for 20 minutes, twice a week. I actually believe 3 times a week would be best, but we’ll take baby steps as timetabling is going to be a nightmare!

per month 3

The Pop PIE online lessons will be similar to Cutie PIE, with added assignments, homework and quizzes.

per month 4

The Chinese Primary program however will feature a virtual classroom setting, where our teacher will teach live and students can raise their hand to ask questions on the spot. The virtual class will be one hour and held concurrently during the last 60 minutes of a real life class.

The key to learning anything, is interest and practise.  In this regard, I think online and offline learning come close and its success depends on the individual. We have also priced our programs to remain as accessible as we can, while ensuring that we maintain our quality and effectiveness.

We are new to this and chances are, many of you are too. We have been able to deliver the best Mandarin programs successfully for many people at our center and now we’d like to tackle this over wi-fi as well. Going online allows us to be kinder to mother earth in many ways. Less pollution, less paper, less energy usage, and not to mention, less chance of spreading communicable diseases!

A special shoutout and thank you to the Mandarin PIE teachers, who have been creating amazing content that’s both interactive and engaging – are they secret youtubers by night?

Parents, please try us out and give us your feedback, we’ll be needing all your support to make this happen. Stay sane and stay safe!

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