About Us

The most important ingredient to success in learning Mandarin, or just about anything we believe, is interest. At Mandarin PIE, we cultivate the “will” and also provide the “way”. We teach Mandarin to 1-12 year olds in an effective and enjoyable way, rewarding mastery and retention rather than learning speed.


Formerly known as Busy Bees, we rebranded in April 2017 to symbolise our commitment towards language learning for children of all ages. We encourage inquiry and allow our students to learn at their own pace. Whatever your learning goals for your child, be it casual or fluent written and spoken Mandarin, we are here to ensure that your goals are met in an effective and enjoyable way.

我们之前的名称是Busy Bees,2017年4月决定重塑品牌,将其打造成一个适合所有年龄儿童的汉语学习中心。在这里,我们鼓励孩子们提问,并根据自己的进度来安排学习。无论您对孩子的期待是简单回话还是流利读写,我们保证用高效快乐的方法达到目标。