Amir's Story

Today, we wish to share another story of one of our students. The student’s name is Amir, who is 9 years old currently. 🙋

Amir joined Mandarin Pie to learn Mandarin two years ago. His learning goal is to be able to speak and read Mandarin. Before joining Mandarin Pie, he only had a little basic knowledge of Mandarin through a self-learning app and watching videos. 🙂

He is highly interested in learning Mandarin and would like to learn Mandarin together with friends. Therefore, we arranged for him to join our group class so that he can learn Mandarin happily with his classmates. In addition, the group class provides him with a platform to build his confidence in speaking Chinese in front of others. 🗣

Amir is progressing extremely well in learning Mandarin. He is now able to speak simple Chinese sentences and read Chinese short stories without any guidance from teacher. The most important thing is that he is very happy to learn Mandarin with us. 😁

Our main goal is always to ensure that children can learn Mandarin Chinese happily and successfully in the most cost-effective way possible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like your child to learn Mandarin. We are always here for you and your children. 📩

To get further information and trial class arrangement, please feel free to contact us and we would be most happy to assist you.

WhatsApp : +6012 403 7703

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