Mandarin Fair 汉语开放日

Dear Parents 敬爱的家长们,

On 22 April 2017, Busy Bees will become known as Mandarin PIE. We have organised a Mandarin Fair for our Open Day from 1030-1230pm for this occasion with a puppet show, lion dance, awards, games and lucky draw! Our students (especially those who come twice a week and more) are also practising to perform story telling, songs and dance, so please come and join the fun! 从2017年4月22日起,Busy Bees儿童汉语中心将会易名为Mandarin PIE 汉语派。当天上午1030至中午1230,我们将会为我们的汉语开放日举办一系列的活动:木偶剧、舞狮表演、儿童颁奖仪式、小游戏以及幸运抽奖!本院的学生(特别是每个星期上两次或更多次课)也会在当天练习以汉语说小故事、唱歌和跳舞。请和我们一起参与当天有趣的活动吧!

To qualify for the lucky draw, please give us a testimonial for our school, teachers and program, which will be featured on our website and materials. We will draw three testimonials on that day, these lucky winners will receive a 50% discount on their next activity fee payment!  至于参加抽奖的资格是:请您填写对本院、本院的教师们或教学课件上相关的反馈与评价。这些评价将会显示在我们的网站和营销材料上。当天,我们将会抽出三位幸运儿,而幸运儿们的下一次的活动学费,将会获得50%的折扣!

We hope you’ll pass the word and invite other parents who may be interested in our programs. We are waiving the Materials Fee worth RM195 for that day only. 透过此项活动,我们非常欢迎各位家长携带或邀请其他对我们的课程感兴趣的家长朋友们。届时,RM195物资费用将会豁免,只限当天登记报名的新学生。042017_MandarinFair-print

Also, please may we have your cooperation to not to skip any classes so that the students will have time to practise. 此外,希望家长们与我们多多配合,尽量让孩子们来上课,以便让他们有充足的时间练习排演。

Thank you & best wishes 谢谢,敬启

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Student assessments

Dear Parents 亲爱的家长们

During the week of April 10 we will be conducting assessments of our children’s progress. Only students who have been attending class regularly for the past 3 months will be assessed. Our teachers will be revising their lessons with them.

我们将会在四月十日至十五日举行学生评估测试,只有在Busy Bees学习已超过三个月的学生才会参与。老师们将会为学生复习。

Our open day and special achievement awards will be on Saturday, April 22 from 11am-1pm. There will be a small performance and exhibition of our students’ work as well as presentation of achievement awards. More on this to come soon.
This Saturday April 1 we will have a media team present during class to take pictures and videos of our class. Please inform us if you do not consent to have pictures and videos of your child taken for our marketing purposes.
Thank you