We are a small but growing company in the field of education.
We are constantly on the look out for qualified teaching staff
who are enthusiastic, creative and love working with children.

We are always on the lookout for people who possess the following qualities:

If our values speak to you, talk to us. Don’t worry if you lack teaching experience or do not have a background in education. The best teachers teach from the heart. We can train you to be an effective teacher, but without the passion and shared values, you will not inspire yourself, let alone your students! If you believe in what we stand for, whoever you are, we look forward to hearing from you

Mandarin Teachers

We are looking for a someone who loves working with and entertaining children. Salary is negotiable according to experience and qualification. Candidates with no experience are welcome to apply because full training (theory and hands-on) will be provided.



Interested candidates please email us at with your full cv and contact details.

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    Happy Kids and Parents

    우리 아이가 잘 적응할 수 있도록 도와주신 원장님과 아리따운 선생님들께 먼저 감사드립니다. 새롭게 단장한 모습이 너무 마음에 들고 중국어를 더 쉽고 재밌게 배울 수 있는 모든 어린이들의 배움터로 발돋움할 수 있기를 기원합니다.

    Park Sun Hee South Korea

    彦妤 had no interest in Mandarin language until she joined Busy Bees about 2 years ago. The programmes structures have impressively drawn her interest toward Mandarin language. My daughter progressed very well in speaking and reading in Mandarin. thumbs up Busy Bees.

    Jane Yan Wei Malaysia

    We are loving the programme and the teachers are super duper supportive. And cant wait for the next class. It is so nice to be able to learn new language and it is super fun.

    Jin Kazuha Japan

      Appreciate up-to-date weekly updates on Hao YI's progress. Thank you for your patience esp trying to engage Hao Yi via online class. It is challenging for him to stay focused even more so online.

      Hao Yi's mum Malaysia

      彦妤 had no interest in Mandarin language until she joined Busy Bees about 2 years ago. The programmes structures have impressively drawn her interest toward Mandarin language. My daughter progressed very well in speaking and reading in Mandarin. thumbs up Busy Bees.

      Jane Yan Wei Malaysia

      My 10 year old has been attending online classes for about 3 years. It is a class size of 4 and for a duration of 40 minutes, twice a week. Teacher Ang has done a fantastic job in keeping the children engaged and focused throughout the course. In terms of learning, I am happy with what has been achieved in spoken and written ability. Thank you Mandarin Pie.

      How Heah's dad Thailand


      凯文的妈妈 Malaysia

      My husband and I are both Chinese illiterate! We can speak basic Mandarin and write our own names in Chinese, and that's about it! We aspire our son Johnathan to be able to converse, read and write in Chinese. Not necessarily like a native speaker but he should fare better than his parents. We do not wholly agree with the country's Chinese vernacular schools so we do not have the plan to enrol him into any, but we still want him to be able to learn Chinese. There are very very few learning centers that provide Chinese lesson in fun and interactive ways suitable for children his age, majority are "standardized" and uniformed in the teachings. We do not want Johnathan to be turned off at this young age from learning Chinese. The moment we heard of Busy Bees (now Mandarin Pie), we though let's give it a try. The concept of teaching just by word of mouth from someone we know sounds like something we are looking for: Fun & Interactive. He's only 1-month into his learning; we are currently on twice a week lesson, so he took 8 classes and he already knows 14 words by the 6th class! He was weak in his Chinese strokes writing in his nursery at his 1st month in his class. The teacher now shared his writing of basic Chinese strokes improved so much and he could recognize many strokes as compared to his first 2 months in (nursery) class. We are very pleased with his progress and we are thankful to the teachers for their patience and sincerity in teaching the children. Looking forward to the new and definitely an even better Mandarin Pie ahead!

      Johnathan's mum Malaysia

      Good interaction beteeen teachers and students, fun environment that encourages learnings

      Brian's mum Malaysia

      Overall, I am quite happy with Breanna's progress so far given that she does not have much Mandarin exposure outside of class. Also, I appreciate that the teacher's are able to engage Breanna based on her interests such as singing or dancing in class and are patient with her especially when she is not behaving well in class. I also appreciate that the materials for each week are shared in Google classroom so that parents are aware of what is being taught.

      Breanna's mum Malaysia

      Qian Wen started Mandarin PIE back in 2017. We do speak Mandarin at home but she just refuses to use Mandarin. After months of attending classes at Mandarin PIE, she started to talk to us in Mandarin. Am so happy that the classes gave her confidence in using Mandarin. She actually rejected to attend the class, however with the patience and guidance of the teachers here, she started to love coming to class. We do hope to see her improve and growth together with Mandarin PIE 🙂

      Qian Wen's mum Malaysia

      Tanner joined Mandarin PIE in 2017. we speak in English at home all the time. He knows nothing about Mandarin. Neither do I. For the first few weeks he refused to come to the class as he didn't understand a word of Mandarin. But because of Mandarin PIE encouraged pupils to sing and dance with Chinese songs, it makes him enjoy the class more and more... Mandarin PIE teaching principles are well suited for all kids especially young kids who love playing. He learned through play with teachers and assistants who are really attentive to all kids. I am totally impressed with Mandarin PIE and I would highly recommend to parents who are looking for Chinese class for their children.

      Tanner's mum British

      He is keen to learn flashcards and can recognize a lot more words now. We are happy with his progress so far.

      Darrell's mum Malaysia

      先生がとてもフレンドリーで娘も楽しく通っています。ローカルの友達とも中国語で遊べるようになり、ペナンでの生活をより楽しめるようになりました。今インターにかよっているのですが、どうも英語よりも中国語に方が得意なようです。いつも楽しい授業をしていただける先生方のおかげです。ありがとうございます。これからもよろしくお願いします。謝謝  真緒's 母

      真緒的妈妈 Japan

      Haarineesh started to learn Mandarin when he was 3 years old. He has no idea what is Mandarin and so do I! Progressively, he has learnt and able to communicate very well as though this language is for him. It has been 3 years, Haarineesh is here, learning more. We believe more to go and more to come for him to master this beautiful and demanding language. I would like to thank Teacher Kimmy and other teachers who have seen him growing throughout his journey in Mandarin Pie. Thank you for making the learning process very fun that every time initiates Haarineesh to always come back here. THANK YOU!

      Haarineesh's mum & dad Malaysia


      中村友俐 Japan

      Very thankful to Teacher Chen, Teacher Sharon, Teacher Fiona and Teacher Chloe. My daughter is improving a lot in her Mandarin. She can understand Mandarin conversations better compared to last time. She can understand her school work of Mandarin better . She’s even learning to talk to her grandmother in Mandarin.

      Seraphina's mum Malaysia

      I was pleased when I found Mandarin Pie. I had been searching for a developmentally appropriate Mandarin class for a few months. They offered a free trial and we fell in love with the program instantly. As an early childhood educator myself, I had high expectations for the program. I am more than pleased with their use of songs, movement and games to engage the children. My son is excited to go to class and begged to go more. We started just a few days a week but quickly added more per my son's request. The progress he's made in just 4 months has been excellent. He notices writings as we drive by stores and in magazines. He's even introduced himself to Mandarin speaking children at the beach speaking with confidence. The teachers are friendly and professional. The leadership and direction Li Lian offers the program has been wonderful. I only have great things to say! Thank you for providing my son such an excellent language learning experience!

      Valerie (Brody's mum) America

      Background: My 6 yo boy started his lessons with Mandarin Pie in early 2022. Unable to speak or read in Mandarin. Achievement: In less than a year, he has improved tremendously. My boy can now read and communicate with us in Mandarin, which is much better than last time. Classes: Twice a week. Thanks to Teacher Kate for being patient with him and Teacher Sharon for sharing good advice. They do have Friday activities for the kids. Thank you, Mr Ken, for always helping me to pursue my boy to join the activities. Now my boy is always looking forward to the Friday activities. Thank you, Mandarin Pie team. All of you are awesome.

      Ethan Koh's mum Malaysia

      My children enjoyed learning with Mandarin Pie. Particularly, my 4yo started with unable to speak and read Chinese, but can now read/write, and speak fluently just after a few months. Many thanks to Mandarin Pie Team for their patience and professionalism.

      Faith mum Malaysia

      I absolutely LOVE Mandarin Pie. My now 9yo son started biweekly online lessons with Mandarin Pie's tutor Teacher Ang in November 2020. He has shown significant confidence and improvement in speaking, writing and recognizing characters. Teacher Ang is very patient with him and is willing to help clarify any questions that we have. Mandarin Pie releases assignments / homework each week in addition to the virtual lessons (which I think is great). Athirah, the admin is great, she makes sure communication is done well with parents through Whatsapp. I am so grateful and I've never once regretted signing my son on with Mandarin PIE.

      Trevor's mum Malaysia

      우리 아이가 잘 적응할 수 있도록 도와주신 원장님과 아리따운 선생님들께 먼저 감사드립니다. 새롭게 단장한 모습이 너무 마음에 들고 중국어를 더 쉽고 재밌게 배울 수 있는 모든 어린이들의 배움터로 발돋움할 수 있기를 기원합니다.

      Park Sun Hee South Korea

      Thank you for your teachers patience and making ethan love going Mandarin PIE always. The teachers are always loving. Ethan never a time say do not want to go Mandarin PIE

      Ethan Lim's mum Malaysia

      Great teaching, fun lessons, my two young kids love it. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you Mandarin PIE!

      Clara & Casper's mum United Kingdom