Cutie PIE for ages 3-6

Mandarin through Play, Interest and Excitement for 3 to 6 year olds



Discover a world of Mandarin through storytelling, music and movement. Our dedicated teaching team is exceptionally good with children, providing a safe and patient environment that builds their confidence in learning and using Mandarin. We use a combination of teaching techniques that involve imagination, games and flashcards. Children will be taught elementary Han Yu Pin Yin. Classes are offered for beginners up to advanced. It is a requirement that your child is able to hold a pencil and go to the toilet by themselves before they can join this class.

Cute PIE program


We follow the Youth Chinese Test (YCT) syllabus, a test from China specifically for youths under the age of 16, which conforms to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. We teach much more than is covered in the YCT in terms of vocabulary and reading requirement that is appropriate for this age group.

Fun program

Once or twice a week. Depending on your learning goals, you may choose to attend reading & conversation class only or a combination of reading, writing and conversation.

Intermediate program

Three times a week program, ideal for those who are more serious about learning Mandarin as a 2nd language.

Scholar program

Four to five times a week program, ideal for those who want to gain native fluency. A total of 200 words for reading and additional 100 words for writing will be taught per year.

Online program


Please call our respective branches for our timetable