September 30


04:00 pm - 06:00 pm

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Mandarin PIE 汉语派

On the 30th of September, the moon Goddess Chang’e will making a very special visit to Mandarin PIE to show us how to make snow skin mooncakes and lanterns to celebrate this very special festival. 九月三十日,月亮上的嫦娥将会莅临我们汉语派,教大家如何制作冰皮月饼和灯笼,与大家共同欢庆中秋佳节。

If we are good she will even share with us the story about how she became the Goddess of the moon. 倘若小朋友们都很乖巧,或许她会告诉我们她为何会成为月亮上唯一的仙女。

Cost: Rm10 per participant (includes all materials)
Please register by September 10, places are limited
Every child 6 years and below must be accompanied by an adult. 6岁以下的儿童,需有家长陪同。

Program details:
Mooncake Making Session 制作月饼
Let’s get together and make some pretty and delicious mooncakes! Each person gets two mooncakes, children and adults are welcome! We will have different flavours and healthier low sugar options too. 让我们一起来制作精致又美味的月饼吧!每位参与者可以带回两个冰皮月饼,家长小孩都可参加!我们会有不同口味可选,都是低糖健康馅料。

Lantern making session 制作灯笼
Children will get to choose a lantern in their favourite colour and get creative to make their own animal lantern! 小孩可用选择自己喜欢的颜色,还可以在灯笼上贴创意图案。
Adults, don’t feel left out, make a lantern of your own too! Feel free to paint your own special design so you can join in the fun.陪同家长也可以制作灯笼,并画上自己喜欢的图案。尽情发挥你的创意吧!

Play about the legend of Chang E

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