Halloween DIY Candy Wrapping Paper


In conjunction with Halloween, our students made the DIY candy wrapping paper during the Mandarin PIE Club last Friday (14.10.2022).  

After making handcrafts, they also learned how to differentiate the tastes in Mandarin!   

Here’s a little throwback to our activity. 

Are you looking for a fun and interactive way for your child to learn Mandarin while making handcrafts and art?  

Would you like to let your child learn new crafts and have interactive game sessions with friends in Mandarin? 

Then, the Mandarin PIE Club would be your best option! We are now open for students (ages 3–12) to join our Mandarin PIE Club.  

Would you like to join us? Sign up now!  

WhatsApp +6012 403 7703 

We welcome you to join us!  

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