Happy PIE for ages 7-9

Mandarin through Projects, Inquiry, Engagement for 7-9 year olds


At the Happy PIE program our children discover Mandarin through collaborative play and project work. We continue to introduce vocabulary through stories and short clips regarding topics that are interesting to the age group. We follow up with role play, word games and flashcards to aid in retention. Children will be taught Han Yu Pin Yin and how to learn independently using a Chinese dictionary. These skills will be used to widen their vocabulary through inquiry-based project work.

在Happy PIE项目中,孩子们通过合作游戏和项目的方式来探索中文。我们继续用故事和短视频的方法来介绍词汇,这两种方法是这个年龄段的孩子感兴趣的。接着利用角色扮演、单词游戏和闪卡来帮助他们保持记忆。孩子们会学习汉语拼音以及如何独立查字典。这些可以帮助他们扩大词汇量。

Programs offered:

Native fluency – 4 times a week

Intensive – 3 times a week

Semi-intensive – 2 times a week

Casual – once a week