Why Choose Us

Small class sizes with an average student to teacher ratio of three to six students to one teacher. In class teachers ensure that each student gets the proper attention needed to progress in their language learning.


One-to-one session. Every student receives a few minutes of one-to-one session during each class.


Proven and effective teaching techniques. We use a variety of proven and up-to-date teaching methods to cater to the different learning styles of our students.


An environment to use and enjoy the language through interacting with other classmates, playing games and project work. This is a setting that a tutor at home is not able to provide.



Dedicated and qualified teaching faculty. Our teachers are our most important asset, they are trained in house and their performance is monitored continuously. It is a minimum requirement that our teachers love working with children and enjoy teaching.


Excellent teaching facilities – multimedia equipped and set up to encourage maximum interaction between student and teacher.


We cater to your learning goals, from casual learners to those who require native fluency in speaking, reading and writing.



Progress updates. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress directly with the teacher at the end of each class. We also conduct progress assessments twice a year to ensure your child is meeting your learning goals.


Motivational. We encourage and provide incentives to our students to be excited and involved in their own learning progress. They are active participants in the learning process through individual and group work.


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