Joshua's Story

Hi, meet Joshua, who is 15 years old currently and lives in Australia. His family was originally from Malaysia and although he is of Chinese descent, he and his family does not speak any Mandarin.

Joshua started studying with us in 2020 and his learning goal is to be able to speak Mandarin fluently as well as read. Before joining Mandarin Pie, he could only speak a little basic Chinese such as saying hello, goodbye and counting from 1 to 10.

He also has a younger brother whom the mum wants to learn Mandarin as well. Therefore, we arranged for the both of them to join an online group class so that they can learn Mandarin together, seeing as their levels are about the same.

During class, our teachers constantly encourage them to speak Chinese, and at the same time, we correct them whenever they have any grammatical errors.

Joshua’s Mandarin has been improving very well. He and his brother have been very consistent with their classes and he is now able to speak Chinese fluently with us. This allowed him to make some new friends, speak Chinese with them and also learn about more Chinese culture.

Our main goal is always to ensure that children can learn Mandarin Chinese happily and successfully in the most cost-effective way possible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like your child to learn Mandarin. We are always here for you and your children. 📩

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*Remarks: please note that the name has been changed to protect identity of the student.

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