Message from the owner

Dear Parents,

Years ago, like you, my mother thought that learning Mandarin would be a good investment of my time. However it was not only until I was applying for jobs during the dotcom bust that I would realize how valuable that would be. Although I was armed with a BSc. Economics undergraduate degree from the London School of Economics, the finance industry was retrenching and headcount was low. However since I had working knowledge of Mandarin I managed to secure a full-time job offer at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong.


很多年前,我的妈妈也和你们一样,认为学中文是一项很好的投资。直到我在互联网泡沫期间找工作,我才意识到中文的价值。虽然我拥有伦敦大学经济学学士学位,但当时金融行业在萎缩,职员总数在下降。因为我的中文优势,成功拿到了香港高盛集团(Goldman Sachs)全职工作的机会。

Having lived abroad for 15 years, part of which was spent in China, I experienced firsthand how Mandarin is now a dominant language in the world of entertainment, international relations and trade. Now that I have settled in Penang and have two young children of my own, I face the same questions that every parent does, one of them being which school to send my children to. In making my choice, I would like to be able to take one variable out of the equation, Mandarin. It is my goal that with the help of Mandarin PIE, our children can become fluent in Mandarin without necessarily needing to attend a Chinese school.


I thank my parents for their foresight many years ago and I trust our children will one day appreciate the choices we make in investing their time to learn Mandarin today.


Yours faithfully,

Li Lian LIM


Li Lian Lim