Native fluency program

Our Native Fluency program is for native and non-native speakers. For non-native speakers: please start early with our Cutie PIE program. This is the time where children acquire languages naturally. Bringing them four or five times a week trains the brain to listen to and understand the language. After an initial silent period which varies from child to child, children will naturally start to converse in Mandarin. Here, the progress of your child really depends on the amount of time you spend immersing them in the language. The more classes you send them for, the better the results. Designate part of TV and reading time at home for Mandarin programs and story books. For native speakers, you may start at age 5 with our Chinese School Prep class.

我们的“流利母语项目”针对中文为母语或非母语的学生。对于非母语者,我们建议最好从Cutie PIE开始。因为这个阶段的孩子可以很自然地习得一门新的语言。每周四次或五次课,可以帮助训练他们的听力和理解力。度过最初的“沉默期”,当然,这种情况也是因人而异,孩子们会很自然地用中文交流对话。在这里,您的孩子所取得的进步完全取决于他们浸入在这门语言中的时间长短。花的时间越多,效果也越好。在家里,也可以让他们通过看特定的电视节目和图画书来学习中文。对中文为母语的孩子,5岁可以通过我们的先修班项目开始读写练习。

Chinese Primary Program 中国小学语文课

At 7 years old you may enroll your child for our Chinese Primary Program, which follows the syllabus of primary schools in China.