Meet Our Team

Wendy Wang王薇– Head of Mandarin PIE program development team & teacher trainer 汉语派课程研发团队负责人,教师培训者

BA Chinese from Hunan Normal University 湖南师范大学汉语言文学学士

School Teacher, Yu De Primary School (Changsha) 长沙市开福区育德小学语文教师,中级教师职称

Headed the primary school’s language research department 语文教研组组长

10 years teaching experience in China 在中国有10多年的教学经验

It is my wish that my ten-year Mandarin teaching experience will help more students to learn and love Chinese. Meanwhile, I also hope to bring authentic Chinese to Malaysia, to broadcast our rich and profound culture to a wider audience. The program at Mandarin PIE combines many effective methods of teaching together, such as the immersion approach, TPR and TPSR. The student will achieve greater success in the total Chinese immersion environment provided here.

希望能用自己十多年的教学经验,帮助到更多想学中文的孩子,让他们学会中文, 爱上中文。也希望能将原汁原味的中文带来马来西亚,让中国博大精深的文化能更广泛地传播。汉语派的课程结合了情景教学法,TPR/TPSR教学法等多种教学方法。让孩子在全中文的环境中浸入式地学习,更快更全面地学会中文。

Ella Cao – Mandarin PIE program development team & teacher trainer汉语派课程研发人员,教师培训者

7 years study in Early Childhood education 7年大学学前教育学习

MA Early Childhood Education from East China Normal University (Shanghai) 华东师范大学学前教育学硕士(上海)

BA Early Childhood Education Northeast Normal University (Changchun) 东北师范大学学前教育学本科(长春)

Senior Editor, Early Childhood Department, East China Normal University Press 华东师范大学出版社学前分社资深童书编辑

5 years experience teaching children and training teachers, parents and publishing agents 5年教师培训、代理商培训、家长培训、儿童教学经验

The best way to master a language is to use it daily. The most effective way to learn a language is that the learners have an intrinsic motivation and passion for it. They want to get closer to that language, its culture and its people. At Mandarin PIE, we use topics that are closely related to the students’ lives. Moreover, we encourage them to learn Chinese while having fun, to use the language with people,to enjoy the process of getting closer to a culture that has more than 5000 years history.Join us in Mandarin PIE, let’s explore the Chinese world together!


Lim Li Faye 林丽菲MBPsS – Mandarin PIE program development team 汉语派课程研发人员

Psychologist, Accredited Member of the British Psychological Society 心理学家,英国心理学会会员

MSc. in Psychology with commendation from the University of Hertfordshire 心理学硕士

Currently training on the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology program at the University of Southampton

6 years psychology work experience, three at the Michael Rutter Centre (world-renowned specialist centre for Child Psychology) working clinically and doing research 6年心理工作经验,其中3年在 Michael Rutter 中心(世界知名儿童心理中心)做临床心理工作及心理学研究工作

One of the keys to successful learning is teaching to our learning pace, level, style and interest. Mandarin Pie groups children together of the same developmental age and language ability. This way, teachers can more effectively tailor their approach to each child’s needs. Through our program students will work alone and with others, develop leadership and teamwork skills, practising Mandarin in all kinds of scenarios.