Pop PIE for ages 7-12

Mandarin through Pop culture, Individual Expression for 8-12 year olds


In our Pop PIE program, we use the children’s desire to communicate with each other as the motivational basis for learning Mandarin. The language will be taught via topics that revolve around pop culture, social activities and games. Children will be taught the tools to further their own language learning independently such as Han Yu Pin Yin and how to use the Chinese dictionary. We continue to use flashcards and project work as teaching and memory tools. Classes are offered from beginner (Level 1) up to advanced (Level 3).

在Pop PIE项目中,我们利用孩子想要与他人交流的动机为基础来学习中文。通过围绕流行文化、社会活动以及游戏的话题来教授语言。我们还会教授他们汉语拼音以及如何查字典,这些可以帮助他们自主地进一步学习中文。作为教学和记忆工具的闪卡和项目活动将继续使用。我们的课程包括初级(Level 1)到高级(Level 3)。

Main class主课

Approximately 80% of class time is dedicated to speaking, listening and reading. 20% is dedicated to writing. For students whose main goal is in speaking and reading.


Programs offered:

Intensive – 3 times a week

Semi-intensive – 2 times a week

Casual – once a week





Online programs also available