Chinese School Prep

For 6 year olds who have a foundation in Mandarin


Prep class website (English version)Prep class website (mandarin version)

Before your child begins studying at a Chinese Primary School, it is most important that he or she already understands basic spoken Mandarin. Further, many students who attend Standard 1 already know how to read and write basic Mandarin.


If you are not a Mandarin speaker, then we recommend that you start as early as 3 or 4 years old with our Cutie PIE program, with minimum 3 classes a week or 2 classes a week with daily practise.

如果您不会中文,我们建议最好从3或者4岁开始加入我们Cutie PIE的项目,至少每周上3次或者2次课(每天练习中文)。