Sally's Story

Today, we are pleased to share a story of our student with you. 😃

She is a 5 year old girl, named Sally. She is a Malaysian Chinese who does not speak Mandarin at home and her mum is planning send her to the local Chinese-medium Primary School (SJKC) in Year 1 in two years time. 👧

Without an environment for her to learn and speak Mandarin at home, she could not understand anything at the beginning in our immersion programme, but she enjoyed the learning activities and continued with the classes. She also couldn’t read and recognise any Mandarin words at first. She could only say numbers in Mandarin.

After attending our Cutie PIE programme for several months, Sally started to speak in Mandarin more often and was willing to share more of herself and daily life in simple Mandarin words. 😄🙌

Through songs, keyword activities, and stories, she is now able to understand and recognise some simple everyday speech and also speak in simple Mandarin. 🎵

Sally’s mum is really happy with her progress so far given that she does not have much Mandarin exposure outside of class. She is also glad that the teachers are be able to engage Sally based on her interests, such as singing or dancing in class and are being patient with her, especially when she misbehaves in class.

Our main goal is always to ensure that children can learn Mandarin happily and successfully in the most cost-effective way possible. Although our fees may be higher compared to other programmes, as we always encourage a few lessons a week, our programme is cost effective because of the good results. A combination of interesting activities together with repetition of keywords is a very effective teaching tool for different learning styles. This is why the more times a week a student attends class, the better he or she becomes in Mandarin.

To get further information and trial class arrangement, please feel free to contact us and we would be most happy to assist you.

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