School dates & holidays

Module dates 2021 for Center PIE programs

2021 Modules (For Parents)-12021 Modules (For Parents)-2

For our PIE programs, our school year is divided into 8 modules. Each module consists of 6 weeks and covers a different topic to be learned. Fees are required to be paid one week before each module starts to secure a place. 

What if my son/daughter is on school holidays during the module period?

You may arrange for make-up classes during the module.

What if I miss a class during the module?

We allow you to arrange for a maximum of three make-up classes per module only. Please note that all make-up classes must be finished during the module period. We do not allow any classes to be carried forward to the next module.

Chinese Primary Program

We have two intakes per year, please contact us for more information.

2021 Online Class Calendar

2021 Mandarin PIE Online class calendar (For Parents)