For some reason, our family only speaks English with our children at home since they are young. When I want to start speaking Mandarin with them as they get older, they will refuse to learn to speak in Mandarin. Until I let them attend Mandarin PIE classes, they started to be interested in Mandarin. Mandarin PIE’s teaching method is play and learning at the same time, so the children learn very quickly. As they are more and more confident about Mandarin as they speak, they start to communicate with me in Mandarin. Mandarin Pie’s teachers are great, they are very aware of the progress of each child, and also patiently teach the children. Every time the children are happy when they are in the class, they enjoy is very much. I am so glad that I found Mandarin Pie.


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Qian Wen started Mandarin PIE back in 2017. We do speak Mandarin at home but she just refuses to use Mandarin. After months of attending classes at Mandarin PIE, she started to talk to us in Mandarin. Am so happy that the classes gave her confidence in using Mandarin. She actually rejected to attend the class, however with the patience and guidance of the teachers here, she started to love coming to class. We do hope to see her improve and growth together with Mandarin PIE 🙂

Qian Wen’s mum

Tanner joined Mandarin PIE in 2017. we speak in English at home all the time. He knows nothing about Mandarin. Neither do I. For the first few weeks he refused to come to the class as he didn’t understand a word of Mandarin. But because of Mandarin PIE encouraged pupils to sing and dance with Chinese songs, it makes him enjoy the class more and more…

Mandarin PIE teaching principles are well suited for all kids especially young kids who love playing. He learned through play with teachers and assistants who are really attentive to all kids.

I am totally impressed with Mandarin PIE and I would highly recommend to parents who are looking for Chinese class for their children.

Tanner’s mum

I was pleased when I found Mandarin Pie. I had been searching for a developmentally appropriate Mandarin class for a few months. They offered a free trial and we fell in love with the program instantly. As an early childhood educator myself, I had high expectations for the program. I am more than pleased with their use of songs, movement and games to engage the children. My son is excited to go to class and begged to go more. We started just a few days a week but quickly added more per my son’s request. The progress he’s made in just 4 months has been excellent. He notices writings as we drive by stores and in magazines. He’s even introduced himself to Mandarin speaking children at the beach speaking with confidence. The teachers are friendly and professional. The leadership and direction Li Lian offers the program has been wonderful. I only have great things to say! Thank you for providing my son such an excellent language learning experience!

Valerie (Brody’s mum)

Janelle started Busy Bee since Jan ’17. Within first 3 months we can see she has tremendously improved her mandarin in terms of speaking & wording.

She loves the class and is interested to come everyday.

Overall we are quite satisfied with the programme and of course if the programme can be pursued to intermediate or advance would be good.

We are looking forward for new Mandarin PIE to come out with a more advanced programme so that she can improve her mandarin not just in the beginner level.


Janelle’s mom



我两年幼女儿好动及没有太多耐性。初时给她们来busy bees学华语,我担心她们不能持续很久,谁知她们在Busy Bees已踏入第二个年头了。她们喜欢了学华语及爱来到Busy Bees,相信老师及当中一同学习的朋友也下了很多功夫,彼此成长及学习!谢谢!

Mattea + Joyce’s Dad

Haarineesh started to learn Mandarin when he was 3 years old. He has no idea what is Mandarin and so do I!

Progressively, he has learnt and able to communicate very well as though this language is for him.

It has been 3 years, Haarineesh is here, learning more. We believe more to go and more to come for him to master this beautiful and demanding language.

I would like to thank Teacher Kimmy and other teachers who have seen him growing throughout his journey in Mandarin Pie.

Thank you for making the learning process very fun that every time initiates Haarineesh to always come back here. THANK YOU!

Haarineesh’s mum & dad