Johnathan’s mum

My husband and I are both Chinese illiterate! We can speak basic Mandarin and write our own names in Chinese, and that’s about it! We aspire our son Johnathan to be able to converse, read and write in Chinese. Not necessarily like a native speaker but he should fare better than his parents. We do not wholly agree with the country’s Chinese vernacular schools so we do not have the plan to enrol him into any, but we still want him to be able to learn Chinese. There are very very few learning centers that provide Chinese lesson in fun and interactive ways suitable for children his age, majority are “standardized” and uniformed in the teachings. We do not want Johnathan to be turned off at this young age from learning Chinese. The moment we heard of Busy Bees (now Mandarin Pie), we though let’s give it a try. The concept of teaching just by word of mouth from someone we know sounds like something we are looking for: Fun & Interactive.

He’s only 1-month into his learning; we are currently on twice a week lesson, so he took 8 classes and he already knows 14 words by the 6th class! He was weak in his Chinese strokes writing in his nursery at his 1st month in his class. The teacher now shared his writing of basic Chinese strokes improved so much and he could recognize many strokes as compared to his first 2 months in (nursery) class. We are very pleased with his progress and we are thankful to the teachers for their patience and sincerity in teaching the children. Looking forward to the new and definitely an even better Mandarin Pie ahead!