Lim Yiu-Khye’s mum

Yiu-Khye enrolled to Busy Bees since mid of last year 2016. From totally knowing nothing about Mandarin to now speaking and also recognising words. He can read signs and brochures and read it out to us when we go out. I’m really impressed with his improvement on his Mandarin, as none of us at home knows Mandarin at all!

He also loves Mandarin now and he just told me he wants a “Chinese” birthday cake for his birthday. I’m glad that Busy Bees provides a positive first learning experience for him in Mandarin, and from there he learns to love the Chinese language and culture.

All these are not possible if not for the dedicated teachers. Yiu-Khye talks about Hester and Kimmy lao shi all the time. You can see the bond the teachers have with the kids there.

So is not surprising that we first enrolled Yiu-Khye for once a week and now he goes five times as week! He loves it this much and he is the one that request for more!

Thank you Busy Bees!