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Now you are able to enjoy Mandarin PIE’s well-loved programs from anywhere in the world with our fully online Chinese language programs.

Mandarin PIE has been trusted by hundreds of parents for over 5 years for our use of inquiry-based teaching methods that cater to different learning styles.

different learning stylesPrograms by age-group and ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced)


We are NOT exam focused – we focus on using Mandarin to discover the world

Online learning – takes time to get used to but can be very rewarding

Some students may prefer a classroom setting as this is what they are used to. However, with some experience, students can quickly settle into an online course and learn very effectively with stellar results. Some of our students even prefer the online classes and do better with this method. Our online programs have been tried and tested with very good results. We are also always looking at improving our offering, whether at our center or online.

We are pleased that we are now able to offer our programs to a wider audience so all can experience our Effective and Enjoyable programs!

Program structure

best way

~Daily Mandarin learning: Homework, videos and activities are designed for short, daily practise and Mandarin learning (average 20 minutes a day)

Cutie PIE and POP Pie

~Students cannot express themselves fluently in Mandarin yet

~Personal one-to-one coaching on top of daily self-learning lessons

~20 min online 1-1 classes: 20 minutes is the maximum focused attention span of adults, this is much less so for children

~Students learn at their own pace

~20 minutes daily practise plus 2x week one-to-one class is a very effective and efficient way of learning Mandarin quickly and effectively

China Primary Program 中国语文课

~For native Mandarin language speakers or those who can converse in Mandarin

~Bi-weekly dictation to practise writing muscle memory

~Worksheet activities to strengthen knowledge of Chinese language structure and grammar

~Poetry recitation to improve pronounciation and build foundation for classical literature and deeper meaning of Chinese characters

~2x week group class session (maximum 6 students) designed for interaction between the group where students can express themselves and exchange ideas (1 hour each class)

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