Why Learn Standard Mandarin

At Mandarin PIE, we are proud to teach “Standard Mandarin” from China. 在汉语派,我们以教授标准汉语为傲。

China’s economic development from the 1990’s has been likened to the awakening of a “sleeping giant”.

By Standard Mandarin we mean the standards in grammar, vocabulary, word usage and pronunciation as set by the China’s Ministry of Education for the Primary program and the Confucius Institute for the other programs. 所谓”标准” ,即为中国教育部或孔子学院官方标定的汉语语法及用词。

China is now the largest contributor to world GDP growth

We provide training and monitor teaching quality to ensure our teachers meet these language standards. 任课老师接受了专业的语言训练,我们也随时检测老师的教学质量。

Why do we choose Standard Mandarin? 为何要学习标准汉语?

  1. This is China’s official language that is taught in schools in China and worldwide. 此为世界认可的中国官方语言。

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    China is one of the world’s largest foreign investors
  2. There are differences in grammar, pronunciation and usage of words between Malaysian Mandarin and Standard Mandarin. Malaysian Mandarin has become localised over the years. The difference in the written and spoken language is very obvious. As an example, when you learn English, would you prefer to speak and write Malaysian English or British English? 马来西亚的中文和标准汉语之间存在显著差异,主要体现在发音和用词方面。马来西亚汉语已被本地化, 受到许多当地方言的负迁移作用。在口语和写作等输出方面有明显不同。以英语为例,我们选择学习马来西亚式英语还是英式英语?

    Chinese companies are moving up the high value chain
  3. Mandarin is the language of the future. The reason why learning Mandarin is a necessity is because China is now a global superpower. Standard Mandarin is the language that is used frequently in business, technology and diplomacy. Hence, it should be Standard Mandarin that we are learning, not the localised version of Mandarin. 随着中国之崛起,在未来汉语必将成为一门重要的语言。在全球范围内,标准汉语已是工作甚至入学的敲门砖。因此,学习标准汉语尤为重要,而不是本土化中文。

    The growth rate of patent filings from China has been exponential over the past 10 years, the number of patents granted may well surpass that of US and Japan soon.
  4. Areas in the world that is experiencing rapid economic growth and providing job opportunities are no longer the English speaking regions, but in developing economies such as Asia. A standard requirement besides English is Mandarin because of the many business and diplomatic links between China and the rest of Asia. 亚洲经济正在蓬勃发展,伴随着很多人才缺口。因此,亚洲的工作机会比英语国家更多。在这些国家,除了英语以外,多数单位要求员工精通汉语,因为与中国有贸易往来或外交关系。

    China is the top country that sends foreign students to the USA
  5. The majority of foreign students in UK and USA are now from China. With China sending hundreds of thousands of students overseas every year, this means that the Chinese are not only becoming fluent in English, many of them are also being well educated in Western culture and values. Concurrently Chinese companies are also making large headways into many areas such as infrastructure development, technology and finance. The job market will be harder for other nationalities. If we are not fluent in at least English and Standard Mandarin, we cannot compete. 官方大数据指出在欧美国家,中国留学生比例占据第一,每年中国会输出数以万计留学生,他们不仅说着一口流利的英文,还接受过良好教育,在人才市场中极具竞争力。而且现在中国公司在许多领域中,如金融、建工、高新技术等独占鳌头,这使得其他国家的就业形势不容乐观。所以,现在,英文和标准汉语是必备技能。

    This is the same in the UK, where the largest number of foreign students by country of origin is China

For these reasons, we source most of our teaching material and library books directly from China and invest in ongoing training and development of our teachers in Standard Mandarin. 基于以上原由,我们教材及供借阅的图书都是来自中国,我们也不断给老师提供标准汉语课程,以保障师资水平。